CMHA Regina Branch

CMHA Regina Branch provides services and programs that help build
individuals’ capacities, contributing to a healthier community.

About the Regina Branch

CMHA Regina Branch offers programming for over 1300 registered members. Our members are individuals managing a life with a mental illness who often experience barriers. These barriers may include low self-esteem and confidence, social isolation, and poor access to education and employment.

It is the hope of CMHA to assist those with these barriers to gain an improved quality of life. Such a life includes meaningful work, adequate income, accessible education and training, enjoyable recreational activities, friendship, and fun with others.

CMHA assists its members in obtaining this quality of life through an integrated community-based group of programs, dedicated to the recovery of those with mental illness. We assist in the recovery process, moving the individual from withdrawal to engagement and active participation in life.

Our Mission

The Canadian Mental Health Association, Regina Branch is a charitable organization that aims to meet the needs of those in the community living with mental illness through access to programming, education and awareness, advocacy and integration in order to help maintain and improve their mental health while supporting their journey of recovery from mental illness.

Our Vision

Our vision at CMHA is to maintain and support mentally healthy people in a healthy society.

Our Core Values

  • To foster and empower the voices of those with mental illness through respect, inclusion and dignity.
  • Demonstrating compassion, understanding and empathy for people living with mental illness and their families through to recovery –
    With an emphasis on those who have long-term, serious mental illnesses.
  • Provide support and innovative programming to assist in maintaining and improving one’s mental health through education and knowledge.
  • Through accountability and transparency, we are committed to building resiliency, promoting integration and eliminating the stigma
  • Helping to build the capacity within our community through competent, credible and supportive professionals

CMHA Regina Programs and Services

CMHA Regina Branch provides services and programs that help build individuals’ capacities, contributing to a healthier community.

Our services include support and opportunities to participate in social/recreational programming, peer interactions, volunteerism, advocacy, education, vocational counselling and training.

Support Mental Health in Regina

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